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Personnel and Current Contracts

Independent Vessel Operations Services Ltd. (IVOPS)


IVOPS Ltd. currently employs a team of dedicated and experienced marine and terminal operations professionals.
Our marine operations professionals are familiar and experienced with operating container vessels from 750TEU to 8000TEU nominal capacity on a number of different trades including, but not limited to the following:
USA-Indian Sub Continent-USA
Europe-Indian Subcontinent-Europe
Intra Mediterranean
Australasia-USA (both coasts)-Australasia
Europe-East Africa-Indian Ocean-Europe
Europe-West Africa-S America-US-Europe
Europe-S. America-Europe
Europe-South Africa-Europe

Our terminal operations staff offer many years of experience in terminal planning and yard operations and are equipped to train new terminal operations staff, review and rewrite terminal process and information flows, plan for future development and growth and are familiar with a number of terminal operations software applications packages.

Current Contracts

IVOPS Ltd. currently operates contracts offering full marine operations coverage to 10 vessels operating on five different trading routes, one from Europe to the US to Panama to the Pacific Islands then Australasia and back, one from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and back, one from North Europe to the Caribbean, French Guyana and Brazil, one from North Europe via the Mediterranean and the Suez canal to the Indian Sub Continent and one from Mediterranean East and West through Suez to the Middle East and Indian Sub-continent.

Our contracts give our vessel operations clients coverage on IMDG process, application and approval, Container stowage on board, on board stress and stability, liaison with partner lines and allocation control, bunkering advice and support, container terminal contract advice and support, scheduling advice and support, out of gauge cargo evaluation, acceptance and stowage, break bulk cargo evaluation, acceptance and stowage, port regulation advice, security status advice and potential for trade growth and additional port coverage on the services that we are contracted to look after.